My 360|AnDev Review 2017

Photo courtesy of Mark Scheel

If you haven’t gotten a chance to attend 360 AnDev yet, you need to change that. In my mind, it’s one of the best Android conferences out there.

There were talks on every aspect of Android. Building from the ground up, Effie Barak talked about Android Internals, and Matt Logan shed some light on how Android handles tasks and processes in his talk Activities, Intents, Tasks, and the Back Stack.

At the other end of the spectrum, we learned how to create an optimistic UI from Joe Birch, and got tips on making our custom views work well with accessibility tools from Vijay Sailappan.

We weren’t without some good debugging talks either. Andrea Falcone showed us some of the awesome developer tools we can use, and Mark Scheel got us set up with continuous integration.

Joe Birch talking about removing removing progress dialogs for a more optimistic UI

Photo Credit: Amelia Riely

I was also fortunate to give my talk, Kotlin: Uncovered at the event. In it I describe parts of the Kotlin programming language through decompiling bytecode. Realm recorded all the talks, so watch out for them on their website! If you haven’t had the time to check it out yet, I made a blog series out of my talk.

Victoria Gonda explaining the Elvis Operator in her talk "Kotlin: Uncovered"

Photo Credit: Kaushik Gopal

The bookend talks were enough to make my flight from Michigan to Colorado worth it. Huyen Tue Dao gave an opening keynote titled Be Like Water: Keeping Up With Android, which included tips on how to keep up with our ever-changing field of technology. It was inspirational in my own growth as a developer.

Huyen Tue Dao presenting her talk "Be Like Water: Keeping Up With Android"

Photo credit: Effie Barak

Chet Haase and Romain Guy closed the conference with Suggestions for a Totally Better Programming Language. In it they described a new language, created by them, that provides all the features we could ever need. Included in these features are important things such as expressive emoji type declaration, and PM-driven development. We can’t forget about the forced wrap at one column for more productive coding (measured by lines of code). Release date has not been announced 😉. The entire audience didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire talk.

Slide of expressive emoji code

Photo Credit: Huyen Tue Dao

I wish I could elaborate more on each of these talks, but you’ll get so much more value out of them if you go watch (and rewatch!) them when they are out on Realm. John, Chiu-Ki, and Dave put on an amazing conference. As with Chicago Roboto, the organizers were transparent about their motivations. It’s encouraging to have a conference that is so open, and strives to have an inclusive environment.

As always, I was blown away by the Android community as a whole. Meeting new people, and seeing again those I’ve already met makes me proud to be a part of such an intelligent and fun community. I can’t wait to see you all again next time.

Photo of Victoria Gonda

Victoria is a software developer working on mobile and full stack web applications. She enjoys exchanging knowledge through conference talks and writing.


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