Hooray for Global Color Themes in Xcode!

Using Xcode's Color Assets to manage your app's palette
By Ben Lambert

Ever wanted to change an application’s color palette in one place and have it update everywhere in Xcode, regardless if it’s used in storyboards or code? Xcode 9, iOS 11, and Color Assets are your answer.

When Strange Loop Makes Your Brain Melt

The power of continuing to push when it comes to learning
By Allison McMillan

Continued learning is hard and sometimes conferences, which should help with that, can be demoralizing. Here are some tips to let them empower you and not make you feel inadequate.

Write/Speak/Code: A Conference For Doers

What a "working" conference means for busy professionals
By Allison McMillan

Conferences are great for learning and networking but the Write/Speak/Code conference encourages attendees to be doers on top of being participants. Learn one, Do one, Teach one.

Big Data Ignite 2017 Recap

Spotting trends within the Big Data movement
By Mac Fowler

Big Data isn’t going away any time soon. After attending a local conference on the topic, I started to see a couple of major trends showing through, including the fact that enterprises are more interested in it than ever.

Side Effects of Code Review

There are more benefits than meet the eye
By Victoria Gonda

Code reviews are helpful for maintaining code quality and exchanging knowledge. They can also be a way to boost confidence and provide another meta way of educating.