December 2017

Navigating your options when you need to grow your software team

By Andrew Bredow

When you’re building out a digital product and you need additional help, do you hire in-house or go with an outside consultant. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each decision.

RubyConf 2017: Coming Home

By Allison McMillan

RubyConf is where I got my start in the software world and because of that it “feels like going home”. This year the conference seemed homier than normal thanks to its great, overarching tone.

CABasicAnimation for animating strokes - Plus a bonus, gratuitous UI interaction

By Ben Lambert

CABasicAnimation is the backbone of UIView animation. Ever wanted to animate a stroke, shadow, 3d transformation, or other CALayer backed properties? CABasicAnimation is your answer.

Shedding Light on the Development Process

By Victoria Gonda

Did you know there are parallels between the lighting design process in dance and software development. Victoria Gonda, our resident dance expert and software developer breaks it down for you.