March 2018

What About Elixir?

By Troy Spruit

Elixir is steadily making its way into our development stack. Using tools like Phoenix and Absinthe allow for the development of some very powerful API’s and abilities. Built in features allow for great performance, concurrency and presence monitoring. We’ll discuss some of our findings and why we’re excited about Elixir.

What's in a Templating Language, Part 1

By Jason Roelofs

Templating languages are ubiquitous across software languages and ecosystems. There are so many to choose from, covering many different use cases and requirements, but have you ever wondered what it takes to build one? Using Shopify’s Liquid as a comparison case, I’m starting a new learning experiment to understand how these tools work and what it takes to implement them. This journey will see us diving into lexers, parsers, compilers, and evaluation, combining data with a template to produce a final document.