November 2017

Android Smartphone by is licensed under CC0

Using Espresso to Test Opening Links

By Victoria Gonda

On Android, we can use autolink to let users open links that are displayed in a text view. How can we write a test to make sure this functionality isn’t removed though? openLinkWithText is the key.

Securing the root user on macOS High Sierra

By Jason Roelofs

A developer in Turkey recently discovered that the High Sierra version of macOS has a serious vulnerability concerning the “root” user. Here’s what’s up and how to protect yourself.

My Experience at droidconSF 2017

By Victoria Gonda

DroidconSF proved to be a great conference. There were so many great things to learn, and people to meet. My experience there was definitely worthwhile.

The Very First KotlinConf

By Victoria Gonda

JetBrains held its first KotlinConf, and it was a huge success. With 1200 attendees, it was a great conference to both attend and speak at. There was much to learn about the language and how it is being used.

Ditch the AWS Service Dashboards for Terraform

By Kyle Magnuson

Terraform is a simple yet powerful tool. Let’s take a look at how it can be used to quickly create and manage an AWS Lambda function.

The truth about our Open Source

By Allison McMillan

Speaking at All Things Open made me think about our open source software, where we’re at, and where we’re going at Collective Idea

It’s time to stop ignoring the Discovery Phase

By Tres Trantham

Discovery is a crucial part of a digital project’s lifecycle because it’s where we collectively discover and share knowledge about a project’s goals with the client. It is in this phase that a project’s problem is defined, users are identified, and functionality is documented.