How to Resync Your PostgreSQL Database Pointer

By Dana Jones

If you’re working with PostgreSQL and you’ve recently gotten a UniqueViolation error, you may just need to correct an out-of-synce database pointer.

Streaming Data From Postgresland to Rubyland

By Brian Hempel

I recently gave a talk covering find\_each, pluck, and the PostgreSQL Cursor gem for the West Michigan Ruby Users Group.

Optimizing Rails for Memory Usage Part 3: Pluck and Database Laziness

By Brian Hempel

Some ways to reduce memory usage as you gather records out of your database into Rubyland.

A PostgreSQL Sandbox Using VIM and tmux

By Chris Rittersdorf

!If you’re like me, you’ve let ActiveRecord hold your hand for way too long. And when it comes time to write advanced PostgreSQL queries, you need to experiment in the REPL to find what you’re looking for. Add this trick to your toolbox to make working with the PostgreSQL REPL simpler.